Bear Food From the Library Public

Created by phildini, while reading and managed by Books with Bears

  1. Sensory : Life on the Spectrum by 

    5 stars

    A colorful and eclectic comics anthology exploring a wide range of autistic experiences-from diagnosis journeys to finding community-from autistic contributors. …

  2. Super Spy by 

    No rating

    Super Spy is Pulp Fiction meets James Bond—fifty-two interwoven short stories about cyanide, pen-guns, heartbreak, and betrayal. Each story follows …

  3. The Many Deaths of Laila Starr by ,

    5 stars

    Humanity is on the verge of discovering immortality, which means the avatar of Death is out of a job… or …

  4. Jollof Rice and Other Revolutions by 

    No rating

    Moving between Nigeria and America, Jollof Rice and Other Revolutions is a window into the world of accomplished Nigerian women, …

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