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Recent Books

Meg Jones Wall, Theresa Reed: Finding the Fool (2023, Red Wheel/Weiser, Weiser Books) 3 stars

Finding the Fool

by ,

"Meg's masterful prose takes you on an experiential adventure where you can channel the essence of the cards and see how they apply to your life. With Finding the Fool by your side, you'll be well-equipped as you walk the tarot path to self-discovery." --from the foreword by Theresa Reed …

Jemma Topaz: Our Monsters (EBook, 2022) 5 stars

Our Monsters


Rosemary Dulahan, answering a strange job posting, arrives in Monstertown – a place inhabited by magical beings from another world.

Navigating the politics of sphinxes, lamias, and secrets, she must learn how to get along with her non-human coworkers and maybe romance a few monster girls along the way.

There's …