Tao Te Ching (2019, Shambhala) 5 stars

No other English translation of this greatest of the Chinese classics can match Ursula Le …

This is the way

5 stars

It's rare to read a book and know, from nearly the first page, that you are beginning a lifelong relationship. I know that I will re-read, and re-read, and re-read this book. I know that I will give this book to friends, family, and my own children. I may end up re-reading this book once a year for the rest of my life.

I was not very familiar with the Tao Te Ching before reading this rendition, and I'm exceptionally glad this was my starting point. I have long been a fan of Le Guin, and her prose, and to read the wisdom from previous generations of humanity rendered through her unique lens is a gift.

This book took me so long to read because my brain recognized I needed to process as much as was possible in this first reading. Time will tell if future readings are faster or slower.