The Art of the Start

The Time-Tested, Battle-Hardened Guide for Anyone Starting Anything

Hardcover, 226 pages

English language

Published April 13, 2004 by Penguin Books.

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Great advice wrapped in mediocre memes

3 stars

Look, the thing you have to understand about this book is that the guy who wrote it comes from a time where Silicon Valley venture capital was even more explicitly a boy's club. I'm not saying it's not today, I'm saying there are at least some signs of progress along equity and equality lines.

If you can get past the Hawaiian dude-bro attitude that is authentic to Guy Kawasaki, what you'll find is a pretty concise, easy-reading volume of intensely practical startup advice. It's written for a startup scene circa 2004, but it still feels shockingly relevant today.

If you have no desire to run a startup, don't read this book. If you want just the best advice from the book, here's my take on it:

If you do want to start a startup, then, with a sigh, I encourage you to think about reading this book.

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3 stars