Queer Graphic Novels I Have Loved Public

Created and curated by Wyrm Theyfriend

This list defines "queer graphic novels" expansively, and may include both books with queer authors and books about queer themes. I'm setting it to curated so you can suggest books you think should be here, but I'm not going to add anything without reading (and loving!) it first.

  1. The Girl from the Sea by 

    5 stars

    Fifteen-year-old Morgan has a secret: She can't wait to escape the perfect little island where she lives. She's desperate to …

  2. Tidesong by 

    5 stars

    Sophie is a young witch whose mother and grandmother pressure her to attend the Royal Magic Academy—the best magic school …

  3. Aerial Structures by  (Aerial Structures, #1)

    5 stars

    The first issue of the slice-of-life conspiracy comic!

    Morgan Chen heads to a job interview in San Francisco and stumbles …

  4. Aerial Structures (2) by  (Aerial Structures, #2)

    No rating

    In the second issue, Morgan learns the vagaries of vegan cooking at a punk house and has a tense confrontation …

  5. Matchmaker by 

    5 stars

    The complete collection of cartoonist Cam Marshall's joyful queer slice-of-life webcomic!

    Best friends Mason and Kimmy live through their early …

  6. The Many Deaths of Laila Starr by ,

    5 stars

    Humanity is on the verge of discovering immortality, which means the avatar of Death is out of a job… or …

  7. Flung Out of Space by , ,

    No rating

    A fictional and complex portrait of bestselling author Patricia Highsmith caught up in the longing that would inspire her queer …

  8. Viscera Objectiva by 

    5 stars

    A humble tailor is very skilled at his work, but finds the complex patchwork of love painful to stitch together. …

    Wyrm Theyfriend says:

    This is queer in an expansive sense, a beautifully-drawn piece about finding true love in an object.

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